Chasing Red "PDF-Epub" Free Download - PDF E-EKİTAP ÜCRETSİZ Oku, İndir

Aim for the task of desires.

Chasing Red “PDF-Epub” Free Download

Chasing Red “PDF-Epub” Free Download

Lisans / Fiyat: Free
Yıl: 2017
Eklenme: Nisan 26th, 2022
Dil: English
Sayfa: 346
Yazar: Isabelle Ronin

101 Kişi Tarafından Görüldü


THEY SAID SHE WAS GOING TO BE MY RUIN… THEN LET HER RUIN ME. He had everything wealth, adoration, a brilliant future. Until one chance encounter changed everything. The moment Caleb Lockhart spotted the mysterious woman in her siren red dress, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.


For the first time in his life, he wanted something. Something he knew he could never have. The unforgettable stranger he dubs RED.


“Red,” Caleb whispered. “Do you know how I felt when you left me?”


I looked into his eyes. The emotion I saw in them, the intensity, and the tenderness filled up my throat.


“I felt ruined. Because, Red, every time you break me apart, you put me back together. And I always come out better than before.”


“So,” he cupped my face, stroking my cheek with his thumb. “Ruin me.”


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